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Relay circuit

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It looks all very Greek to me so can we assume you are in Greece? You will have to mention where you are if you are seeking local help.
Is there a local electronics shop that could help you? Try them first, perhaps they know of a person willing to build it for you if you cannot build it yourself.
Klaus - in Australia


This appears to be actually 2 circuits - an overvoltage circuit, and an undervoltage circuit, and they simply share a common input. So, it will activate different relays, depending on whether the voltage is under or over.

Alternatively, you could have one relay, which activates on either over OR under voltage (using a window comparator). Is this suitable for your application?



It appears to me that you have an interest in electronics. Best way around this is that you try building circuits by yourself. :idea: That will help you to understand not only the basics of electronics but also solutions to practical problems. Perhaps, you may first start with a very simple one. Do not worry, there are plenty of friends around you to help. So get going. Cheers
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