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Rapid alternating occlusion glasses

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Hi There

Not sure if this is the right place to post this but I'm looking for someone who would be up for making a pair of these for me:-

Im happy to pay someone to do it. It's just beyond my abilities to make somethkng like that. I can't afford to buy them from the US and they're not sold in the UK where I live - i'm hoping they will help my daughter's squint.

If anyone's interested and can message me that would be great.



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I have them already developed and made by myself. For therapeutical use of a specific visual impairment and useable for other applications.

You can contact me to my username at inorbit dot com.
Will send a direct mesage to your inbox.


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Perhaps the original poster will show up with comments or other questions. We are in intense contact as it is a subject I suffered with my newborn and made those to the extreme of my dedication. Am extremely happy someone else will also put to good use.
Sharing with the group, attached.
the extension .MOV rejected to attach.
Then, trying just an image

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