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Question PS2 slim 90000 components

I have a PS2 Slim 9000 and I took it to the electronics technician to unlock this device, is it possible that the technician stole and replaced the original chips on the PS2 slim 90000 circuit board and placed other parts from other models and older chips? this image is example


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It's probably not possible at all, as other versions would likely use ICs with different pinouts that would not work at all on your circuit board.
And the generic ICs such as memory would be identical so no point.

And the equipment to swap BGA ICs costs thousands - it's just not worthwhile.

If your machine works, that's all that matters!


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If you sent the unit to them to preform a service did you receive the service or they returned it and said they couldn't do it? Perhaps its necessary to replace certain parts to preform the needed task.

Why would they steal parts only to replace them with the same thing just from a different unit? That's too much work, there is nothing special about the parts.
Here in my city the same electronics technician who repaired my PS2 Slim 90000 was accused of replacing replacing notebook parts with inferior parts and accusing defects in parts that were in good condition so I thought that this could have happened with my PS2 Slim 90000


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I wouldn't be surprised if its just hearsay. Repairers always get accused of all types of nonsense from people who have no idea what it is they are accusing them of. As a actual shop or business, There is no benefit for them to say something is bad and then replace it with another part just because. If its truly a shady repairer then Its easier to just pretend its bad and not replace anything but say they did while applying solder or swap out some capacitors here or there in case someone bothered to look.
What type of plastic and rubber are used in the PS2 Slim 90000 and other electronics? Do you have any anti-UV treatment? UV from the sun dries out and breaks plastic and rubber

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