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question about transistor substitute

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hello, im gathering the parts to build the attached circuit. my question is, can i sub 2n3773 transistors for the 2n3055? thats all i have on hand right now. i looked at the datasheets, they seem to have similar specs. also would i need to change the 430 ohm resistor at all if i sub? if so what value?

dr pepper

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Aha a flyback driver.

You could use a 3055, the 3055 isnt as 'meaty' as a 3773 but it'll probably work, watch out for them getting warm, so long as you keep to around 12v the resistor will be fine, a 470r would be easier to find.

The 0.33 in the schematic is very important, it creates resonance with the primary windings, this component needs to be x rated or at least 400v rated as it will operate at high voltages and currents.
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