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Question about my pwm sine power inverter schematic


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Hello, my friend, I am a Kurd from Kurdistan could you send me the outline of the oscillator sine wave inverter for I will be thankful to you


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I needed to change the sine table quite radically to get the transformer output to replicate a good sine, and this was true for various load conditions.
Dear Mr RB,
Could you please share your modified sine table or give some advices how to modify the oryginal PWM sine table to get the sine wave at the transformer output?
Thank yun in advance!


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Welcome to ETO!
You have resurrected a long-dead thread. Mr RB may well have lost interest in this thread :(.


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Mr RB may well have lost interest in this thread :(.
Hi Alec_t,
Thank you for you reply.
I think you are right.
Before I have joined this forum I sent an email to Mr RB. As I idn't receive the answer I have tryied to ask the question here.
I still hope someone can help me.

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