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Question about a good development board

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I am completely new as a microcontroller porgrammer, I need to control data coming from a transmitter to a PIN on a PIC , and then I have to switch pins to high or low depending on what command has come in. I was wondering what kind of PIC I should use and what development board I will need.

Another question is once I finish programming the microcontroller on the development board is it as easy as now removing the PIC and putting it on a PCB, or do I need additional cuircuitry like a clock, etc.

Thanks, appreciate the help


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You pretty much could develop you development board. Or you could get one already made like this one

How does the transmitter send you the data? How many outputs are you controlling with this command?

If you go with the development board above you will be able to program and make it run. If you go with your own board then you can have it In Circuit Serial Programmed or you can program it with a programmer and then stick it in your circuit.

Either way you are going to have some circuitry like a crystal (clock if you will) and its caps, also a 5V regulated power supply , and some diodes ans resistors to limit ro safeguard the inputs. It all depends on what you are controlling.



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Some PICmicros have on-board oscillators, like the PIC12F675. By carefully selecting your processor, you could reduce your component count a little.
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