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Push switch, Simple question!!

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I have taken out a small switch from my garden strimmer. It is a Kema Keur TL202. about 3cm square. a simple push to work switch. On the four terminals two are numbered 1 and the other two 2.
Having removed it from the strimmer, i need to put it back in. Is this marking 1 and 2, essentially +/- ?

Should the + feed to the switch and the + feed to the motor be on the ternimals marked 1.
And the -feed to switch and - feed to the motor be on the terminals marked 2?
Correct? Sorry for being so dumb, if it was 12V i would just do it, but its 240V, so not so keen to just hope!!


It's most likely a double pole switch which isolates both the live and neutral.

It will look like this, electrically:

As long as the switch is not connected between the live and neutral it shouldn't matter.

Do you have a multimeter?

You should easily be able to find out which terminal goes where with a continuity tester.

If you don't have a multimeter, use a couple of batteries and a small torch bulb.
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