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Pulse generation for different turn on time and different delay time from single pwm

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I have to simulate closed loop operation of a dual active bridge. But I am facing problem as to how to generate 8 pulses for all the switches . Plant transfer function is Vo(s)/d(s) where Vo(s) is output voltage and d(s) is duty. The switches from Q5, Q6, Q7 and Q8 have different turn on time (Ton) and different delay times(Td). Currently I am using MATLAB Simulink for simulation.
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If you mean a possible hardware solution, have a look at a dsPIC33FJ128MC802

That has four pairs of PWM outputs, each with programmable dead zone (to allow the other transistor in the pair to turn off) and and fully independent timing for each.

There are lots of other devices in the range with eight or more PWMs, plus ADCs for feedback & many other facilities.
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