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PSpice Bipolar Junction Transistors Modeling

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i want to simulate the circuit AmpopTBH2, on PSpice.
On below image
we can see that Draft4 is working fine, on below image
is the same circuit as Draft4 but on PSpice that circuit won't work right, because on Green voltage marker the same point as vpardif on LTspice, the voltage is always 3V (below image)

The transistor i am using is BFR92A/PLP, because on PHILRF.lib the BFR92 is not there, no model available, but BFR92A is still the complementary of BFT92 so i thought it would work on PSpice, but unfortunately yet no.

The only circuit of HBT on PSpice is working right now for me is Class B Amplifier:
on below image we can see that is working fine.

I also checked the SIEMENS.lib, but i didn't find any PNP/NPN complementary transistors, i have to use both types. I need a Transition Frequency about 5GHz.

I have physically (brought) the transistors BFR92 and BFT92.

Edit: My question is what reason might be that the Differential Amplifier work well on LTSpice but on PSpice not ?
(On PSpice the voltage on nodes is always 3 Volts, and the current on this nodes is in the range of 1 pico Ampere pA, and it should be in the range of micro Ampere uA).
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Don't worry about above post #1 it's solved !

When i Run the PSpice Circuit i got the following error and warning:
INFO(ORCAP-2191): Creating PSpice Netlist
INFO(ORNET-1041): Writing PSpice Flat Netlist C:\CADENCE\SPB_16.6\TOOLS\CAPTURE\pcb3-PSpiceFiles\SCHEMATIC1\SCHEMATIC1.net
ERROR(ORNET-1111): PSpiceTemplate syntax error %s Unexpected end of string
WARNING(ORNET-1119): No PSpiceTemplate for J1, ignoring

How i can fix this error and warning?


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We can forget the last posts.
My question now is what is the correct name Footprint for TL084IN ?
(PSpice OrCad PCB Editor)


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You should not rely on a simulation to see if a circuit works or not because the transistors and ICs in a simulation use only "typical" spec's, not the minimum and maximum specs on parts that you buy.
Also, a simulation is missing important stray wiring or pcb capacitance that are short circuits at 5GHz.


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How to increase the area of the yellow square on the transistors ? Now like that it's just to small for the tracks. (i need the area something like the resistors)
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