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Psoc with L293d

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hi everyone iam a newbie and iam planning to assemble a basic robotic car using differential drive mechanism.iam using cy29466 and l293d for driving two motors.i hav written the code and it's working well on leds(i mean the logic of the code is perfect)but wen iam connecting l293d to the psoc kit(cy29466),the kit is getting switched off.please help me in this regard waiting for a quick reply....


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Their is PSoC own discussion Forum.
Else go the cypress site and then navigate to that part.

Regarding to your problem,
I think, you have connected both the Vcc1 and Vcc2 of the l239d with the same supply point which is given to PSoC and thus landed in a position where the L239d didn't able to soruce enough current to motors. Remember the each I/O pin of the PSoC can able to supply only 20 ma of current.

Try with this method. Connect the Vcc1 pin of L239d with the normal supply which is connected to PSoC and supply Vcc2 of the l239d with the source having enough current supply capacity.
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