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Projection Clock

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Hi All

In magazines, I often see these clocks that project the time onto a wall/ceiling. Despite the fact that I lack the basic knowledge/experience to make an accurate clock, has anyone got any ideas about where you could get these components. Or, could I make one by getting a superbright 7-segment display and putting a couple of lens' infront of it? Are there such components as 'projection LEDs'?

Any ideas at all people?




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Making an acurate clock is actually very easy. First off, clock your uC at 3.2768 MHz. Set your timer/prescaler to clk/1024, then have your clock count upwards from 192. It will then generate 25 interrupts per second. Keep track of the number that pass, and increment minute, seconds, and hours counters.


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You can make a projection system using a cheap laserpointer and a rotating set of mirrors. If each mirror attached to a rotating wheel is tilted by a different amount it will draw scan lines as it reflects the laser. You can use a microcontroller to turn the laser on and off to make each pixel.

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