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Project involving shift registers and flip flops

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So i was given a task to make a project using shift registers and flip flops. At first i was supposed to do LED chaser, but we are forbidden to use arduino. Although there are diagrams than can make a LED chaser without using arduino. My professor don't want to see any projects involving dancing LED's or running LED's since it's too overrated. I'm running out of ideas, any one knows an easy project involving these?


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Sounds like this post belongs in the " Homework Help" area.




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Something which I have done using microprocessors, and was part of my education, but I wonder how easy it would be to put together circuitry for traffic lights at a 4 way junction using registers and logic chips. Flip flops could hold the current state of lights (ie they are memory chips). Getting the sequencing would be tricky maybe. It might give you ideas for further things though.

A simpler idea may be to construct a binary counter using a simple digital frequency generator (one chip) to drive it, giving different digital frequency outputs. I know it is a bit 'old hat' but looking at a 7490 IC may also give you ideas.

I have not used a shift register in discrete circuitry so will have to leave that one with you.

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I'd suggest a 2 digit or 3 digit (for more challenges ) frequency counter that counts 00-99Hz or 999Hz.

Are you allowed to use a timer ic like 555 for the time base of the counter?

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