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power supply

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I don't see any reason it would not work. I am a little confused about the parts between the bridge and the regulators. I would most likely wire the bridge directly to the regulators, keeping the diode to "direct traffic". Then I would follow each regulator output with one capacitor one load resistor and then a second capacitor. This filter construction would depend on the load (i.e., how clean the output needed to be).


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Hi sigma,

Dunno why you have that odd diode in there,
maybe as a fuse?
Those extra caps you have on the supply sides
of the regulators arent needed,
if they are around 10 mfd, or less, put them
on the outputs of the regulators.
(too big can upset the regs)

Otherwise it seems ok, so long as that R1
is a fairly low value.

If you've built it,
and you're asking why it doesnt work,
then you're in for a question and answer session.

first does either output work?

Do you have mains supply to the transformer?
(AC voltage across primary)

Regards, John



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sigma, check one thing....
the resistor...
it has to be low value and high power, for a 1A curent, 1W for each ohm of it.


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tnx a mill for all of your answers
i'm gonna revise the ckt. and see what
tnx again :)
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