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POV led display


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i'm thinking of using an arduino uno to create a POV led display. does anyone know any tutorials online? (i have googled it, just wondering if you will know of a specific one) if not what are the basics needed to create one? whats the best type of motor would you need, would a simple dc motor do?

any help will be much appreciated.


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Any motor will do but you'll need to add a sensor of some sort
so the arduino knows a position as some a sync signal.


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The circuit is actually very basic doesnt really matter what MCU you use.
just a port full of leds a sensor and thats almost it.


What does this tinkering include?
Timing to put it simply. Once the 'start' signal has occured you need to adjust the on and off times of your LEDs to create the display. This all depends on the complexity of your desired display. Say for example the start signal is in the 6 O'clock position, and you want your message to start in the 9 O'clock position. You need a delay. Then you need a delay for the LEDs to be on / off (more delays). You need also to take into consideration the speed of the motor, so you can display all you want, where you want before you get the next start signal.


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You can define some timings at the start of
your program , its a lot easier to tweak em later on.
Time before Display starts
Time between pixels


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