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potentiometer schematics

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I need to know where i can find the schematic for a volume control potentiometer at radio shack. model # 271-215b. Anybody know where to find it?


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Here is a link to your part as is on radio shack, and I can't find any info on it so maybe you can do better.


This may not help though, so a better idea would be to look on the back of the package that this pot came in, or else if you've disposed of that package, go to Radio Shack and just look on the back of a new one.

:arrow: Or just know the schematic symbol for a potentiometer, I'm sure you could find that someplace, This particular pot seems to have some sort of switch hooked into it so I guess it could be a little different...


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What exactly do you require? Schematic symbol of Switch-Potentiometer or any schematic to control volume?
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