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Pole switching 12v linear actuators

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This is my first post. I'm building (actually duplicating) a machine designed by my father-in-law, in the 80's. They are run off 110 and compressed air. They are dirty and unreliable, and completely worn out. I have built the machine, but i haven't put it into action bc I'm using linear actuators, and i didn't realize the timer would not switch the poles for me. (I'm green as the Grinch). I've studied this for months, but as soon as i think I've figured something out, another problem arises that i hadn't considered. I got hit in the head awhile back, and trying to learn something new, has been very, very, difficult. Learning any sort of logic has been thrown out the window, so I'm looking for help with simple relay circuits to switch poles via limit switches. I have drawings, pics, and sequence of operation, but i can't even figure out a damned ladder diagram (which i have from when the machines were built). If i post what i have, can someone please help me? Thank you for reading this terribly long post.
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