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Please need help to learn electronics circuit designing

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Liva Yahurd

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Hi, I completed my BE in electronics and communication in Chennai (India) and passed with 86% marks . I am not interested to look for a career in Information technology as my other batch mates did. I don't care how long it takes.

I am more interested in manufacturing and design of UPS, Inverters and more on power supplies. But the method of teaching here has made us unfit for any career in electronics. We just study to score in exams.

None of us are even able to design even a simple Common emitter BJT amplifier. First i thought to take a job in some electronics firm. They said will take people from either IITs or international universities for their circuit designing job, even as trainee. "Your University is not in our list" that's what they say.

Some one please help me. There is no way I am turning back, i took this subject because i loved it. But some @#[email protected]@#$ method of teaching and some $#$ resources were provided.

I went to some online resources which i got from this forum. But i have plenty of "whys and hows" to fill those sites.

Please help me someone.

Liva Yahurd

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Please help

Can anyone help me with some resource simple but with good explanations and calculations.

I really need mathematical calculations.

Thanks in advance


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I'm fairly new to power electronics too (about 6 months study now) and was having a tough time bringing together all the information I'd find on the internet.

I finally found this book at a local book store. It has helped me out immensely in understanding how all the pieces fit together. He gives many real world examples of how to solve the design issues in SMPSs.

Amazon.com: Switching Power Supplies A to Z: Sanjaya Maniktala: Books

Also, get a breadboard, coil, switch, diode and a couple of caps. Practice making all the various topologies and just observe them. There is nothing to replace good old experience.
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"Hi, I completed my BE in electronics and communication in Chennai (India) and passed with 86% marks "

"None of us are even able to design even a simple Common emitter BJT amplifier."

You have just pulled University education down 15 rungs of the ladder.
Maybe that’s why I am getting an enormous increase in readership of my site from India, Malaysia and Russia, to name a few countries.

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Get another degree at a reputable university.

Liva Yahurd

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Thanks for your help everyone

Those sites are quiet good.

The reason i need calculation , in most cases calculations helped me to understand things better - when i miss it - i miss the heart of it.

I know that understanding concept is most important but mathematical calculations are required for perfection.

What we missed in our college is learning to apply it, even the smallest guidance was sufficient for most of us.

Most of the universities in my country have the same method of teaching. I mean spoon feeding. If the teacher forgets to teach or if he don't know that particular topic then its not possible for us to find another source.
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