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please identify the Manufacturer logo.

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Hi everybody,

i need to identify the LOGOs of ic manufacturer.i attached here two images of logo. please see and help if you can.

The file Named 1 is a logo that is on an ic model PJ34063, which i am pretty sure is drop in replacement For MC34063. Although identifying the logo is not absolutely necessary. But the critical specification of same part number from different manufacturer may be different. So a datasheet is always needed. But i can,t find the datasheet of PJ34063.

The file named 2 is the logo on a SMD ic TSSOP-8 package.
On topof chip is logo.
first line is 8830.
second line is BD8T3K. This chip is attached on the small circuit of a rechargeable Ni-cd battery bank 4.8v 1500mA.



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Thanks a lot for identifying the part and Mfg. which is PROMAX-JOHNTON.
i found the other one too. Its part model is AO8830 A common drain dual enhancement mode N-channel MOSFET. Mfg is ALPHA & OMEGA semiconductor Ltd.


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