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Please help me to choose AVR development board?

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If you want a versatile development board which can program all of the 8-bit AVR microcontrollers, Atmel's STK500 board is just about your best choice:


If you are okay with using a simple ISP programmer that isn't a full development board, then there are many designs on the internet which you can buy or build very inexpensively. One decent programmer is the one from tuxgraphics:


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The STK500 is nice, because it has a lot of headers on it, little clunky to use (a lot of dip sockets I'd prefer a single programmable ZIF myself) But as far as a dev board goes it's still really nice, the main thing you need in addition to it is a good breadboard and the connectors/ribbon cables to breakout the headers on the STK500 to a breadboard. The Dragon is another nice dev board, way better than the STK500, but not for people new. As Russ said, your knowledge/experiance is going to influence what you chose more than what's available.
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