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Please attach 4047 LTspice model (me blocked from yahoo)


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I even got URL but why yahoo becoming nonsense some time! Why we cannot open yahoo groups or account from Operamini from java cell phone! I am resistered to group too but it says login from desktop. Fow now I have no better internet for PC connection so using cell phone.

I just need 4047 spice model, I downloaded 30MB of rar where there are thousands of models and lots of 4000 series ICs too but there are no 4047!!

I found this URL but couldn't open-www.tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/LTspice/files/%20Lib/CD4047/


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I also have problems with Yahoo nothing can be downloaded anymore
I tried toe download the the cd4060 but no luck here
I think that they can better stop with this yahoo sh%t


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Here you willen, I did find it in a download of three separate folders to add to my Library from Yahoo,groups a while back.

Hope it works for you.



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Seems as I look it's not modeled for everything and the guy who did the work spent a lot of time doing what was done. He chose the most popular things and didn't model it completely. I don't have the hole cd4000. lib


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Wow thank you Killivolt!!

And Hi NL3PRC,

I have CD4000.lib. Take this whole package and inside the package, 1st is CD4000.lib.



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A CD4047 has a simple RC oscillator. A stereo encoder needs an accurate crystal oscillator.


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Hi dear AG,

You are so careful for each member, impressing! But I am not making stereo encoder using 4047. :)

Dick Cappels helped me lots of parts- for stereo encoder, PLL FM Tx and microcontrollers and other basic components too. I am so excited because after almost 3 frustrating years I got my dream true. Using 38KHz Xtals and CMOS, I hope I will get 38KHz carrier and 19KHz pilot EXACT, wow!

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