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Placing signal source in between two components.

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i have designed a circuit wherein i need to place the oscillator in between Vcc and transistor such that o/p of oscillator is connected to collector of transistor & -ve terminal is to be connected to Vcc,I have designed the oscillator,now in what way i should make connections so that upper requirements are met.


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If it's a normal type oscillator circuit then it will need to be independently connected to Vcc and common. You would then couple the oscillator signal into the collector of the transistor using a transformer, resistor, or capacitor, depending upon the application.

What are you trying to achieve?


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You can modulate the Vcc with a PNP or P-ch Fet. Doing this directly on an oscillator will likely cause frequency as well as amplitude modulation.

If your looking for AM then buffer the oscillator and modulate the Vcc on the buffer.
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