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PIC10F202 question ....

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Beau Schwabe

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I am using a PIC10F202 in a project and all is ok, except my programmer won't program it as a PIC10F202 .... but if I tell the programmer it is a PIC16F54 instead, it will program just fine.

All seems to be working ok so far with the PIC10F202, I was just curious if there were any issues or gotchas that I might need to watch out for or be aware of.

The Programmer I am using is a DIY K150 Clone I picked up on eBay for about $10, and the Assembly code is written using MPLAB IDE v8.92



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It should be fine as they have the same flash size. It's probably just the programmer doesn't recognise the newer chips.


dr pepper

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I've programmed the 10f200 as a 10f200 using mp lab and pickit 2 and 3 with no problem.
The architecture is obviously the same as the '54.
Maybe its something to do with the chip ID.
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