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PIC - synchronize clocks

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Hi all! I am trying to send data and some clocks to a DAC using a PIC18F.
There are several problems with the output(it's supposed to be some voice):
1) It is not outputting anything that sounds like voice.
2) It is very noisy. (the DAC has lowpass filters connected already)

I checked the output clocks from the PIC, and they don't match the following requirements:
(System clock=128fs, back clock = 32fs, and leftrightclock=fs)

I am using a 40MHz xtal and the system clock seems to be fast enough.

My question is, how do people synchronize the clocks sent to a DAC normally?
I am using PCM1770 from ti, and if you could please take a look at the datasheet:


On p.20, it has a timing diagram for the clocks. I am not sure how to get something like this timing diagram...and I don't quite understand why DATA seems to have its own clock, rather than being controlled by one of these clocks. If you could post some codes/examples, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you!
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