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pic programmer help ...

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hello .. i am making a pic program with the help of circuit diagram which i obtained from ....Parallel Port PIC Programmer ... in this the regulated power supply of 13.2v and 5 v is required by inputtinf 16-20 v of to regulator... but i only have 12v supply which after being regulated is giving output of 5.4v and 11.5v .. so as pics are cmos ,,so can i go ahead using these voltages?.. will there be any possibility of error??


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How good is your voltmeter ? - the output from the +5v regulator should be 5.00 give or take 0.1v at most.

5.4v means something is wrong to me - that is very near the maximum limit for the chips.

The 11.4 v may seem to be enough, but once you start programming, the line load increases and the voltage will drop even more - so that failure may occur.

To test and prove the circuit why no use a couple of 9v batteries so you have a good 18v going in.
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