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pic programmer help

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Try it with the oldest PC you can get your hands on.

Advoid newer PCs and laptops.

If you can get it to work it may be OK if you only want to prorgram existing hex files. If you want to do your own programming I suggest you get a PICkit2 or Bill's Junebug. They have an in circuit debugger which allows you to debug code on the microcontroller. The Junebug contains a target with switches, LEDs etc that can be used while learning.

Both use firmware written and maintained by microchip.



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i tried it on a very old pentium III computer and it also did't work has anyone made this programmer before and has luck getting it to work

can anyone suggest me other site that contains another schematic for a good programmer that supports alot of pic's like this one? cause i can't buy pickit2 cause the site don't deliver to my country and i don't want any thing except programming existing .hex files
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