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Pi 2 and pi 3

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I figured the pi 3 had been out long enough that old stocks of the pi 2B and 2B+ would be sold off cheap. Looking around i can find the pi 3 cheaper than many of the pi 2's that are around!!!

Oh well my cluster might need to wait a bit longer :D, that or i might try and turn some very old dell laptops into a cluster, they are all the same model but most the batteries have had it, i got given 12 of them from school and 10 work. Stripped down to the mother boards with screen off etc they might make a reasonable cluster.

For those not aware of it there is a Setti project you can get involved in (amongst others), i will post up some details in a bit, it might interest a few people. My network in the office is set to run the software over night, i am taking part in a cluster experiment to crack some genes in cancer cells. The idea of the software is so people can take some of the data and there machines are used to break down small chunks.

Really useful project, i think EEV blog did a video on the software with the R pi, i will try and find it.


Thats lucky i even had it organized in my book marks!!

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