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I'm developing the PCB design of a circuit using PROTEUS. But I can't find the footprint of a generic green LED in its library. Can anyone help me with a solution?


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In my proteus v7.8, the only footprint I have for generic LED has the generic name "LED" in the library.

It is for 5mm LED and doesnt care about the colors. It's just a circle with pin name "A" and "K".

If you want to have different footprint e.g. for the SMD LED, you have to create your own or search for later libraries.



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Create your own libraries. It will save you a LOT of time and frustration later.
The schematic is just a diagram of the circuit. The PCB is the physical representation of the circuit. You need to pick a physical LED that you will solder to your finished PCB and select the footprint (from any of the ones shown or make your own) that will fit the component. Any one of these shown can be considered a "generic" LED footprint. If you're just playing around with the system and don't plan on actually making a PCB, you can use any of them.
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