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PCB layout for the game buzzer

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i have already the schematic circuit for the game buzzer..my problem is how to create the PCB layout for that......can somebody give me a simple PCB layout for a simple game buzzer?

thanks for the response.....


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narrow tracks are better for complex work, and wide tracks are better for connection stability. In other words, if you don't want to risk broken connections in your tracks, use larger tracks. You want to think about how the circuit actually works, and then examine the pinouts for each semiconductor (IC's included). Then place everything appropiately.


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SkinnyBoy said:

who needs a PCB layout?
actually our prof. gave me already the schematic diagram for the game buzzer...the components there are 9 1k resistors, a 4081, 4082, and 2 4013 CMOS circuits plus the 5 push buttons and 4 LEDs.....but im quite confused how to make the connections on the PCB


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Download whichever program is right for you: linux mac windows . . .

Once its installed, open it, right click on the projects folder and hit new project. Now right-click on the new red folder and click new board. Then just fiddle around and look at the help file and youll get the hang of how to create the PCB on the computer. Then you just need to print it out and we'll help you from there. And of course we'll answer any of your questions.


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For a first timer, there is nothing much we can teach that will not confuse you. Just play connect-the-pins.

Just some notes.
1. Don't make your tracks too thin.
2. Don't place your tracks too close to each other.
3. Try to orientate your chips such that you can minimize the chance of having tracks that cross each other. If you are forced to do so, you can either design for a double-sided PCB, or solder jumper wires.
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