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Parts To Buy

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Please forgive me I'm a novice. Up until now I have bought parts for the project I want to build, and nothing more, and I think it's about time I started a sort of "Personal Stock" of parts. What I mean is, I want to buy a bulk amount of some components that are popular among circuits so I don't have to go keep buying them individualy for each circuit. What I am looking for is somebody to recommend parts that I (a novice) would use frequently. I hope this helps me not have to go buy a separate package of components everytime I build something. Any help would be appreciated, bear in mind though, that I already have a large assortment of resistors and capacitors, but any suggestion on transistors, IC's, diodes, and anything else popular would help.



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I would suggest you following most commonly used parts.
BC547 - Small Signal NPN
BC557 - Small Signal PNP
BD139 - Power NPN
BD140 - Power PNP

Analog ICs
LM741 - Gerenal Purpose Op-amp
LM555 - Timer IC

digital ICs
7404 - Hex inverter
7408 - AND Gates
7432 - OR Gates
7486 - XOR gates
7400 - NAND Gates
7402 - NOR Gates

1N4007 - Gerenal Purpose 1A Rectifier Diode
1N4148 - Switching diode

These are sufficient to build any simple circuit. Please someone add to the list if I am missing something.


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hey, bu dont forget the resistors and capacitors, they are very important 2
didnt it happen to u to have the main partes, the ic, transistors, but not to have a resistor, or a capacitor?


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He has already mentioned that he has many capacitors and resistors. So I didn't listed them. If someone wants the list here it is
Resistors (1/4 W)
100 Ohms
220 Ohms
470 Ohms
1M (Not used very often)
A few 10k, 100k, 470k and 1M potentiometers

Capacitors (Cermaic and Electrolytic)
33pF (Mainly for 8051 Microcontroller)
22pF (For PIC uC's)
0.01uF (Power supply decoupling)
0.1uF (Power supply decoupling)
1000uF (Power Supplies)
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