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Over Current with Wind Up Generator

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I'm thinking of developing little micro-controller driven gadgets driven by a wind-up generator (e.g. USB Wind Up Eco Charger > Maplin). A very simple example would be a thermometer which dispays the temperature on a LCD display. Such a wind-up generator produces 0.5A at 5.5V giving room for quite a lot of applications. However, I wonder if my application uses less than the full 0.5A would it be blown by the over current? If yes, how could I avoid this in the simpliest way. I try to build a module that could be reused for many applications (maybe even without knowing its current demand in advance) and it would be great if you could point me to a solution that is using "off the shelf" parts.

Thanks in advance!

Nigel Goodwin

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Devices only take what current they need - consider going to buy a bottle of vodka, does that means you're falling down drunk? - hopefully not, you only drink what you want. Same principle, the circuit only takes what it wants.
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