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Optical Micrometer

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Hi to all of you from the new guy:)
i couldn't be happier to see that such a forum exists

So, to the point. i'm trying to build an optical micrometer, one that will measure widths and depths from surfaces and will preferably have an lcd panel to show the results of the measuring... pretty much like those that are being sold by some companies.
I just need some help on where to start... i tried finding some schematics for a distance measuring laser circuit but so far i haven't had any luck. I need some ideas on how to draw the main circuit. So i can start from there

thanks in advance



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Do you have any links to the commercial optical micrometers that you are want to replicate?



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Distance measuring with lasers or radio waves is not feasible for hobbiests. That's why you haven't been able to find anything on it.
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Sure it is dk... it's just very course.


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Most optical micrometers and calibers use a fluted light interrupter sensor the turns as the threaded barrel is turned, it just counts and tracks the tread travel. That principle is not hard for a hobbyist to utilize. Now if you want a contactless measurement system that can read out in mills, then good luck and let us know what you come up with.

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I'm trying to construct something like that is displayed on the two images on the links listed below.
i'm not sure if the distance measurement laser circuit is how i should begin with it was just the original idea. Not sure if it's the right one

the third link seems like a simpler version of what appears to be a micrometer where you put something in between a transmitter and a receiver and it gives you the appropriate distance measuring result thus giving you the specifications of the measured object. I would rather build one like the one displayed on the first two links. it's a school project and i want it to be cooler:p

Digital Optical Micrometer for Scratch Width and Depth Measurement, Model 8400K
Optical Micrometer by Monocle Industries
LS-7000 Series LED/CCD Optical Micrometer - KEYENCE
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