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op-amp oscillator

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I'm making bubba oscillator (phase shift oscillator with 4 RC filters).
For this I need to use 4 op-amps
Can someone please tell me which quad amp chip will be the best to use and Why?

I have consider some such as TL084, LM348 or using 4 LM741
but can't decide on which is the best one to use?

any help will be great



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For low frequensiz, I beleive it doesn't matter that much what opamp you use.

What frequens area are you going to use?


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hey thanks for the reply

I'm looking for 10V rms with frequency of 50Hz I'm thinking about using Bubba oscillator.


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At 50hz it won't matter what op-amp you use.

But don't use 4 741s if you can use one LM324 or similar... TL084 is the best in your list, or even better, TL074. If you have a quad op-amp IC in your box o'stuff, use it...
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