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One Wire Temperature sensor (DS1820) to PC interface.

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The use of 10F200 is brilliant but I have always sucked with ASM. I am sure what you posted will be impossible to implement under PICC since only very few retarted C programs will ever fint into that little PIC.

Would you happen to have a sample code for bit-banged serial routine that could possible work under 10F200? I only need the PIC to receive serial data so the snipet does not have to send. I knew it will be impossible to implement with C so I kinda gave up on those PICs until I saw your MAX ROM serach implementation.



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There are lots of examples of bitbanged RS232 on the web. If you can't find code for the 12 bit devices then use a 12F683 and any code written for the 16 series will work.

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