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One Signal, Multiple ADCs

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My project must use multiple ADCs to sample many input signals, but each ADC also needs to sample one common signal. So the common signal will be connected to approximately 8 different ADCs. Most are the MCP3208, and one is the AD7856 (a high precision, high speed chip). Will this present any problems or can all the ADCs happily sample the same signal without interfering with each other?



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I think you have 8 MCP3208 and all "input-0"s are connected together.
Microchip talks about using a low impedance source to drive the inputs. When the ADC reads there a small amount of current going in/out of the input. Also each ADC will be sitting on a different ground. (PCB layout problems)
I think you should put a RC on each "input-0" very close to each ADC. 1K and a small cap.
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