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Omron G6A-234P-ST-US 5 VDC

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I am trying to use this relay to break a normally close TIP and RING lines of a telephone whenever i wish to block a call.

When an incoming call or outgoing call is recieved, it is compared to phone numbers stored in memory of the PIC microcontroller...once there is a match between the two numbers, the PIC microcontroller should send a signal to activate the relay opening the line thus preventing the call from taking place.

I don't know how to connect the pins of the Omron relay to the TIP or RING lines:confused: (Any line should work right?...because all i am tryin to do is break the connection). I attached a document entitled "activating Electrical Device.pdf" which shows the schematic of the Line realy connected to L2 (which is either the TIP or RING line as i gather from reading the article) I bought the Omron relay to try to perform this action but don't know how to connect it...This realy could work right?...I attached the datasheet as well.

Please tell me what pins i need to connect to the microcontroller and what pins need to connect to the telephone line please .




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The microcontroller is connected the two phone lines through a transformer as show in Fig. 6 in the first pdf file you posted.

Either phone line can be opened by the relay to prevent the call from ringing the telephone. The TIP and RING lines are interchangeable as far as the telephone is concerned.

EDIT: You do understand that the PIC circuit in your article reads DTMF signals, not the caller ID signal which you are trying to decode? The caller ID does not use DTMF, it uses a digital FSK signal consisting of 1200HZ (Logical 1) and 2400HZ (Logical 0) frequencies. Google "caller ID circuit" to find many such circuits.
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Use of Relay

Yeah i understand that that circuit doesn't obtain caller ID. I was just using that circuit as reference just for the breaking of the telphone line when a match occurs...I already have a functioning circuit not with incoming yet but outgoing calls being matched with numbers stored in the PIC18F452 256 bytes of data memory. I just want to know which pins i should connect to the microcontroller and which i should connect to the telephonelines from the Omron relay...I see that pins 1 and 16 are used for power so pin 1 should go to the microcontroller and pin 16 to the ground?...and then pins 4 and 6 across the telephone line for a normally closed circuit?...This way when a 5V is sent by the PIC, the relay would open the line preventing the cal from taking place?
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