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NPN transistor

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I have a working transistor but the label is missing. How do I find out what it is? I think it is a NPN. It is a power transistor in a T0-3 package. Is there anyway to figure out what it is?
Thanks in advance


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my guess would be that it would be pretty hard to find out what kind of transistor it is. Though you could find out where E,B, and C are, but that still wouldn't help you out.


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In TO-3 package the case is collector. You can find out the structure with diode-checker or multimeter: connect +wire to pin1 -wire to other pin,afterward -wire to case.If You find with this method two conducted diodes,it`s NPN transistor,and +wire the base.If nothing found, change polarity..... nothing found connect the + to another pin....
I hope You can understand my bad english,unfortunately i never learn.Maybe help for You.
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