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Nichicon caps


New Member
Looks like these caps should work for most things unless special or high temp. What do you think UVR's 6.3 to 450 volts -40 to 85 C .47 mf to 33000 mf


New Member
thats rather difficult for me to answer intelligently. I got a list of caps from the service manual for the Sansui. My intention is to do a general recap because of it's age. The machine works some what the right channel goes in and out. I am looking at the series of caps or style if you like.

Nigel Goodwin

Super Moderator
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I would say NEVER use 85 degree capacitors, use a minimum of 105 degree, and always from a quality manufacturer - bear in mind though, for the large reservoir capacitors you have no choice, you can't normally get other than 85 degree.

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