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Newbie: Tv scart to rf

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Hello there, i have an ickle problem, and was wondering if somebody could help:

we are after recieving a new cable decoder box in our kitchen. The previous model had a RF output that i used with 75ohm cable to send the picture to our sitting room @roughly 30m with no problem. Unfortunately, the new model has no rf output, only scart.

I was wondering if anybody has any idea of how i could send the picture using some kind of converter circuit etc down the cable, as cheaply as possible. I thought that i may be able to use 4 core un shielded telephone wire to send the video/audio signal, but i wonder if this would suffer from interference.I also thought that an old video recorder might work as an converter, but the two i have, have a"time out" period if they are not being used.

Any ideas?

Thanx in advance! :D


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Try a google search for "uhf modulator" this should throw up plenty of local links for ready built solutions and unmounted modules. If you have an old vcr that you are prepared to scrap you could re-box the module from that, make your own power supply or buy a cheap plug in unit.


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The previous solution was better for You, maybe it enabled different channels watching on secondary TV.
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