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New here - need help with simple electromagnet

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Hello. I am brand new here, and pretty new to electronics in general. I am working my way through some textbooks and reading a lot online.

Here is my question. I found an "experiment" online about winding magnet wire around a straw to make a magnetic field and passing a metal rod through it. What I want to know is, is the electromagnet then a load, with some resistance? If I just attach the ends of the coiled wire to each end of a battery will the current be practically uncontrolled and burn up the battery?

Thanks in advance, and I look forward to learning a lot here. I will be looking through all of those links in the FAQ as well. Looks like good stuff there.


The resistance will be equal to the total resistance of the wire.

If the wire is thin and long enough then its resistance will be high enough to limit the current to a safe level. If the wire is too short and thick either the wire or battery will overheat.
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