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need to know

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is this possible that i can know where this is signal is transmiting from. i mean place ......... :?


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As far as determining which direction the signal is coming from, I have no clue.

The sharpness and loudness of the signal can sometimes determine the distance. If there was one station 5km away that is transmitting at 1 amp and another one 10km away that is transmitting at one amp as well, then the 5km one will be heard more clearly.


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The place of TX You can determine with directional aerial (e.g. Yagi) and receiver. Measure the direction on two or more location, draw the aerial direction into a map. The crosspoint of lines give a place of TX. More measuring point give better result.


Thats how the Germans used to track the "underground frenchies" during WW2.......triangular co-ordination
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