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Need to hire someone to make drawing or company to manufacture 200 small pcbs.

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rolland elliott

New Member
Here is the project circuit I need drawn.
I need to hire someone to draw the printed circuit board for a short run of 200 pieces. I will probably use https://oshpark.com/ to make the printed circuit boards. or maybe I can just hire a company to manufacture them?
PURPOSE: I am working with an ipad app developer to make a photobooth app which plays a beep noise when the photo is taken. We will use a 3.5mm audio jack to connect the ipad to the circuit which will turn on a double wide 5m strip of 5050 leds which is 12v and about 5 amps.
BACKGROUND: I have very little experience with circuits. have never even breadboarded a project. My experience is limited to buying kits and soldering them together.
DESIGN MODIFICATIONS: Current circuit pulses to the music, I want the circuit to be binary. when it senses noise it will turn light on, When no sound, it will be off. I am not sure if I just need to play a very loud beep to accomplish this, of if the circuit needs to be altered.
Please private message me or email me <snip - email removed> with cost to draw this circuit, paypal is probably best, but open to other payment methods. Also include price to modify the circuit if I discover it is not working.
Once I get the drawing I will order 3 PCB's, solder on components and test. If they work well then I will place order for 200.
This is my first post. I did search the forum about hiring people and didn't see any relavant threads.
I am aware there are RGB led strip sound controllers, but the aluminum one I tested flickered way too much. this is the one I tested
If there is a premade solution please let me know.
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I have worked with Elecrow in China on a couple assembly jobs. The last was for 60 small boards with about 8 ICs on each board.

The process went smoothly except one of the ICs was counterfeit. Troubleshooting this problem did take some effort; when the problem was identifed, they corrected it. I don't blame Elecrow for using counterfeit parts - they were stung by their supplier. The counterfeit parts looked exactly like the genuine parts.

Be warned that dealing with any assembler will require discussions about alternative parts, so somebody local may be the better answer.

Beau Schwabe

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I am located in Oklahoma. If you want to move this design to SMT components PM me. I can design the PCB artwork and populate the boards as well.


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Have you reviewed the copyright statements and agreements listed on the website you posted?

rolland elliott

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instructables are open source generally, but it's irrelevant. I will either use the $7 ebay item I posted above or make my own circuit without dimmer.


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also have a look at dirty pcb, they are cheap for making boards and somewhere on the page they offer to do the layout etc.
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