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need source of cheap batts (syd bluemountains)

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I have recently scrounged 10 x 40w panels thats are about 18 years old and have been tested guranteed to about 33w each so still some life in them.

Now Im looking for batteries on the cheap but cant come across any ex telstra or golf car batts at auction. I want to mount the batts under the house and so prefer gel batts that would be safer rather than wet batteries (dont want to start a fire and burn house down!).
I see bryan1 comments how he picks up cheap batts all the time, if anyone can
let me know where I can get good batts on a budget in the Sydney Bluemountains/Penrith area would be most appreciated!!



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Check out the truck and large equipment service places. Many of the big trucks, commercial construction and even farm equipment use multiple large batteries for the starting system. Typically one goes bad but the other one is still good and they get replaced as a set anyway.
With a battery tester and some luck you may get a few big batteries for scrap price!
Maybe not the ideal battery for a solar panel application but still the price is right!
And when they do go bad for you just take them to the local scrap yard and get close to what you paid for them anyway.
Also check with the local salvage yards too! they get loads of batteries from commercial take outs on occasions. Many of them are for giant UPS systems or other deep cycle reserve power applications.
Another thought along those lines would be a wheelchair or scooter business. Bound to be some tradeins, and the batteries will always be AGM or Gel cel type.


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lentildude, this idea won't work for you, but for everyone else...
Wouldn't this be the ideal time to get free batteries. Our president just sent tons of cars to the scrap yard with the "Cash for Clunkers" program. Every one of those cars had to be drivable (meaning good battery). They're all sitting on lots now waiting to be crushed!

Again, not the ideal battery for this application, but I imagine you could get dozens of them for next to nothing! Just call your local dealerships and ask where all the used batteries went and how you can get your hands on some.

lentildude, you mentioned putting them under the house. You'll probably be fine at your location, but I just wanted to note here for others reading this post that inside the house may be a better location because the batteries are most efficient at room temperatures. Please correct me if this is incorrect.

Also, my understanding is that the only reason a car battery isn't ideal for this application is that if you discharge it all the way, it lowers the batteries life expectancy. Couldn't you just build a simple circuit to cut off the battery from supplying power after it drops below 25% charge left? If you get them cheaply, you could just add extra batteries to make up for that 25% that you're no longer using. Maybe the other drawback is that automotive batteries will only last half as long.


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Please correct me if this is incorrect.
Mostly correct.;)
Having batteries in your house is Okay to a limited degree. At some point the size and number of them charging can create out gassing of both explosive and corrosive gases in volumes able to pose hazards.
A proper enclosure should be used when ever possible for more than a few mid sized batteries. An active but small ventilation system that dumps the gasses outside during charging or heavy discharging cycles is highly recommended.
Sitting idle doesn't need much air flow though.
If you can smell them they need a ventilating system.

Just a precautionary thought.:)
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