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Need some asistance...

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Hello everyone and sorry for my english.

I am not so good in english so here you can see a picture with what I want to do. The most importants questions I have are:
- > How to buld the RF micro transmitter for my project?
- > How to build the RF receiver and demodulator.

Another small problem is in the .asm soft for uController. Is here anyone who could help me to improove my .asm code? I will be very hapy. I asked for help on another forum but I did not received any respone. I hope here I will. Thanks:).

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Firstly your English is very good compared to some.

You would get more help if you described your full project also if you filled in your location as it helps members to decide the best components for you e.g. Availability in your country.

Also I know that double posting is frowned upon but a lot of the members do not read postings with help needed etc as a title. In your title give a better description of what you need.

e.g. RF micro transmitter, receiver and demodulator. help

OK sorry I can't help more but other members will try if you are patient and change your posting title. If you do repost with a new title do apologise for the duplicate post.

Best wishes.
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