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need some advice, please help

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hi, i need some advice/help getting a light to turn on at a reasonable cost.

i work for a balloon shop/event decorating business and i need to get balloon lights to work as a stand alone product, as they are to be placed in the center of a table for a formal function (ie. cannot be plugged into a socket).

the balloon lights are 24watt florecent bulbs running off 240vac as seen here Conwin Online - Deluxe Balloon Bulb Set

i have tried to run the light off an inverter and 12vdc 18 amphour sealed led acid battery, but im having trouble with the cheaper inverters and have been told i need a pure sine wave inverter (is this right?) which will lift the cost well above budget :(

i have also tried changing the bulb to a filament bulb but it is too high a wattage and runs too hot to be right next to a latex balloon

the battery and inverter (or whatever alternative u can think of) has to fit inside a bin 250mm dia by 300 high and still leave a 30mm pound space in the centre. also the whole lot has to be do-able by someone with limited electrical skill/knowedge and has to be done for 20 tables

here is a pic i rushed together of the type of thing im going for
View attachment 33527

any help would be great, or if im on the wrong forum, could you suggest somewhere i could go
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