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need quick help with basic pcb layout

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Hey, I'm working on this board for a project at my highschool, wondering if you guys could quickly look over my board to see if there is any obvious errors in my pcb design.

I am building the CREATE USB interface (The CREATE USB Interface).

Here is the schematic: http://www.create.ucsb.edu/%7Edano/CUI/MediaInterfaceCircuit.jpg

Here is my board: http://jambrands.startlogic.com/board.JPG

I wasn't sure if the schematic i have is right, i am feeling as though the connection after the 4.7 k resistor off of pin 1 should go to pin one (VPP) of the ICSP header instead of VCC, what do you think? That's why i left it, i can always just use a jumper...

I also didnt know the parts in my pcb program for the usb header or for the switches so i used pads and measured them out... they fit with the pads i have on this layout...

if you wouldnt mind taking a look that would be great!

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