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Need parts list for two projects :D

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Hey hey guys.

i am want to build a few things.
but i need the parts list :S
the person who helped me before is no longer among us so,
i tought of asking some help here since i cant find the parts

Thanks in advance.

Project 1 :

Project 2 :
need to find a Schematic on a old Sanyo JA2503 with parts list :S
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The power amp you describe seems to be similar to something I saw on this site recently. Looks like a typical guitar amp with valves. The amp details I saw were for a 100 watt valve amp with parallel push-pull output pentodes; KT66/88's? or 6CA7's?.
The circuit diagram has enough information to get all the parts you would need.
With the Sanyo, this is a fairly straight-forward 20 watt domestic hifi amp of the 1980's. Googling shows some pics and a download s available for the JA 2003. The 2503 appears to be made of discrete components, so you should have no trouble in finding parts and getting it going.


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Why can't you do the parts lists your self?
I don't think I want to look up all those parts for you.


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Because i suck at searching the components, i always come up with the wrong items xD
So it sounds like it's time to learn. :cool: Pick the parts you think are the right ones, post them, and someone will check them for you to see if they are appropriate. Include a compete description of each part with your list, not just a part number, and a link for the part if it's available on-line. It seems like a lot of work, and it is, but that's the nature of the task. I don't know that you'll have much luck in trying to con someone else into doing it for you.


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220v Euro.
4A Slow blow fuse
Power switch

230 - 1x 5.3Vac
- 1x 100v
- 1x 25v
- 300v

(top part above bridge Choke?)
1x 47K Ohm 1/4 Watt 5% Carbon Film Resistors
1x 15k Ohm 1/4 Watt 5% Carbon Film Resistors
1x 63k Ohm 1/4 Watt 5% Carbon Film Resistors
2x 50uf 100v capacitor

25v part :
2x 1000uf 25v Capacitor
360Ohm resistor

Tubes :
1x Diode bridge
1x 2a slow fuse
1x Standby switch
4x 220uf 300v capacitor
2x 220k resistor
1x 10k 2w resistor
4x 1.5k resistor
4x 5881 tube
4x 760k 2w resistor
2x 150k resistor

1x 68k resistor
10uf capasitor
2x .057uf capasitor
1x 2.7k resistor
2x 1m resistor
4x 470 resistor
1x 570Uf capasitor
1x 1m log. Potentiometer
1x 33k resistor
2x 100k resistor
4.7k resistor
1x 100uf 350v
1x 100uf 450v
1x 1w resistor
1x .028uf capasitor
1x 470uf capasitor

am i still on the right track?


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Yes, in a way.
i think you should try to find a friend near you who can sit with you and go through this stuff.
A power supply for this amp is a seriously big heavy thing and the output transformer is just as big and heavy; probably 1.5 to 2 Kg each and a spec is needed.
It is going to be difficult for a long range design team to give you what you need.
I am sure you could find a place which sells amps like this and from there make a contact or two for technical help. This way might be slow to start, but I'm sure in time you will achieve a lot of satisfaction. I feel, on this site, your questions will exhaust the contributors, because of the many fine details required to get your job done.
best regards,


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Thanks everyone, ive got some help from someone, and building away!

You can lock this post now :D
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