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Need help with shocker circuit

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ok so i found the shocker circuit i got all the parts and put it together but the thig just doesnt work now im completly new to all this so is there something i should know about these schematic something that im missing or is it the schematic wrong also how am i suppose to wire the transformer theres 5 wires so please help me out
here are the parts
1 9V battery
1 10K resistor
1 transformer (Radio Shack #273-1380)
1 22F capacitor (Radio Shack #272-1026)
1 momentary switch (Radio Shack #275-1571)
1 9V battery connector (Radio Shack #270-325)
am i missing something?



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The Schematic you show Is Correct, But When holding the Output wires, the Only Shock it will give is Just for a Split Second as you push the button.

It does not have Much Power at all.
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