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Need help with a project

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I'm not the worlds best at electronics so, I'm hoping someone with more experience can help. What I'm trying to build is a Data logger that will measure and record Voltage (up-to about 2 volts DC) in mV's and log it onto a palm pilot. I also need the software on the palm pilot to record this voltage for approx. 3-5 minutes of data.
I need 8 channels to log. Was hoping someone could tell me the easiest/cheapest way to rig this thing. I know there are data loggers out there but was kinda wanting to do it myself alittle cheaper.
Terry :?:


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It's only a couple of 100's pages 8)

seriously though. I think he's right, a pic with A/D can do it all. measure voltage and use the uart to send the data to a pc, palm, ...

But then, of course, you also have to write the software for it
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