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Need help identifying component


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I'm new to this site so please forgive me if I make any mistakes! I'm in the process of repairing a motherboard on a laptop (an HP Pavilion 15-239sa). I have removed a MOSFET for replacement, (getting wildly hot so think that's the part causing the problem) but cannot identify the type. The number on the chip is M306D44105J as far as I can tell. Any assistance would be gratefully received. If it's an obsolete part then what alternative should I use? I'll post again tomorrow if I've misread the number.




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Additional info. I did read the number wrongly. As far as I can tell, the number is separated into parts and is: M3016D 441 05J. Attached is pic.



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Many, many thanks for that Mickster. Very helpful. I'll look into the alternatives later in the week (pressured on time). Curiosity. Do you know what the significance is of the following numbers is? As in the 441 05J? I did manage to find the company who produced this little beastie - Ubiq Semi - but pretty much nothing else. Again. Many thanks! You're a star!


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Possibly date code and batch code, but how they are formed is guesswork without a full datasheet.
The one I found from the cursory search does not appear to be a full datasheet, since there is no package marking or ordering information included.
Looked at a few more and none are longer than 4 pages....


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Cheers for that anyway Mickster. I'll just run with an alternative when I get back to working on it. You've been most kind and very helpful.

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