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Need a charger

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Hi all,

I've got a UPS which i power from a 62AH car battery, the problem is that the UPS charger only supplies 0.2amps of current to charge (doesn't overheat). so i need a car battery charger. i would actually love to build one, so anyone who has the circuit diagram for one which uses a switching mode power supply and transisitors, that can suppy up to 4amps or more should please hook me up with it, i will appreciate it. thanks in advance.


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Just a thought but many of the LCD computer monitors use a SMPS that puts out 14 - 20 volts at typically around 4 - 6 amps depending on the screen size.
The voltage control circuitry is easy to hack and change for making a very efficient battery charger and maintainer.
They go for less than $20 used on line too!
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